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Tyres are essential for the performance of your car, and worn or damaged tyres can seriously compromise your safety when driving. Autoworld Care has a large variety of premium tyre brands to match the right tyres to your car. Our technicians will advise you on the requirements of your car and driving needs to ensure your driving performance and safety are never compromised.

Shock Absorbers & Springs

The shock absorbers and springs on your car ensure a smooth ride, even when you are driving off-terrain or on bumpy roads, and also maintain control of your car when taking corners. Bringing your car in regularly to check and service the suspension will help to prolong the life of the car, prevent damage to suspension parts, and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Lubricants & Filters

The engine oil processes the cooling, lubricating and cleaning of your engine, which is the heart of your car. This process is essential to maintain your engine and ensure many driving kilometers with your car. Autoworld Care uses only the highest grade lubricants, as prescribed by your car manufacturer, to service your car.


Many cars face alignment problems sooner or later, and such problems often arise more than once. Autoworld Care has state-of-the-art equipment to align the wheels on your car at very appealing prices.


The brakes on your car are the key to make your car stop, when you want to stop. With the OE grade brakes that Autoworld Care uses, you can be certain and confident that your car stops exactly when you need it to. At Autoworld Care, we are more than happy to help you extend the life expectancy of your brakes with regular inspection and cleaning, if required, for free.


There is probably nothing more frustrating than when you turn the ignition of your car and come to the discovery that it doesn’t start, especially when you are in a hurry. Be sure to prevent this by checking your battery regularly at Autoworld Care.

Air Conditioning Flushing

Did you know that bacteria, mould, fungi and micro-organism can form and grow in your vehicle air conditioning system?
Have you encountered strange smells coming out of your air conditioning system?
Does your car air conditioning not feel as cold as before?
If you are servicing your home and office air conditioning regularly, why not your car?

Prolonged build-up of bacteria, mould, fungi and micro-organisms are harmful to you and your passengers, and the odd odour may be difficult to bear.

At Autoworld Care, we have a comprehensive air conditioning treatment to flush your air conditioning system. During this treatment, we are also able to detect any leakages in your system. Such leakage of air conditioning gas is actually harmful to our ozone layer and contributes to global warming.

Restore the comfort of your ride and enjoy peace of mind. Engage Autoworld Care to do your air conditioning flushing at only S$98.00 nett for all vehicles.